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KMPottery Wheel Clay Dates, DIYers Eventers. Wedding Social

Pottery Wheel, Birthday Party, Wedding Anniversary, Team Event Venue, DIY Make Your Own in Brainerd


This is your date time you can bring whom ever you want.

Clay Date;

  • 2 artists
  • $49 flat rate charge for the 1st hour 
  • $35 hr. charged in quarter hr. increments after the first hour. Your time ends when your hands are washed.

Add Ons;

  • $18 per wheel thrown piece you want to glaze and fire
  • $25 flat fee for a  requested Private Clay Date, paying this fee insures the shop will be closed for business during your time.
  • $25 flat rate fee for any Clay Dates after 5pm on Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights. Private Clay Dates are waived of this fee.

Clay Dates are designed to give you and another person access to my wheels during walk-in store hours on Saturday or Sunday and my personal studio hours at no additional fees, or you can customize special date hours. More information!

Hourly rates include: Wheel use, clay, tools and wheel instruction plus glazing time on another day if you choose to keep a piece. Bring your own towel and smock!!!! We allow you to bring your own food and beverages. No alcohol during walk-in hours.

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Wedding Anniversary Clay Dates

Congratulations! Pottery is a great gift for a Wedding Anniversary, the greatest gift is a clay date


Your gifts with Proof of your 9 year clay Anniversary;

  • Free for 9 yr wedding Anniversaries only;
  • 2 Wheel thrown pieces you can glaze during walk-in hours
  • Free for ALL wedding Anniversaries;  Private and/or weekends after 5pm if available
  • Discount 10% off of any 2 Kevin Matthews Pottery pieces. You can sneak in separately for your gift purchase

Clay Wedding Anniversary Dates;

  • $70 for 1.5 hours
  • $35 hr. charged in quarter hr. increments after the first 1.5 hours. Your time ends when your hands are washed.

Our glaze colors are non-toxic and lead-free.  We recommend wearing comfortable, casual clothes that you do not mind getting stained. Though most of the glaze, paint, clay and materials we use will easily wash out of your clothing, there are some glaze, paint, clay and materials that may permanently stain.

After your Clay Date, we have to let the pieces dry thoroughly. If your pieces have any remaining moisture or the kiln is too full when we fire the next kiln, they will wait until the following firing. We usually fire greenware (bone dry raw clay) to bisque (a true ceramic clay that hasn't reached maturity) around every 14 days depending on fullness of kiln. I do NOT fire parcial kilns unless you pay a rush partial kiln firing fee of $45, we ask that you call or text to be sure before making the trip in case your piece did not make it into the kiln yet.

Once your pieces have been fired to bisque (bisc or bisquit, the terms for first firing) you can come in and paint your piece and it should be fired in 7 to 14 days (excessive pieces or not enough pieces can delay this estimate) we will text or call you. Kevin Matthews Pottery / Glaze 2 Amaze is not responsible for the unpainted pieces left longer than 60 days from the time KMP or G2A texts or calls you after they come out of the bisque kiln or the glaze kiln. You can come in and paint your pieces within the 60 days during walk-in hours or contact us and schedule a no cost reservation time

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